Flood Damage Restoration


1st Builders Cambridge were asked to repair and restore this property in Trumpington after it was badly damaged by a flood caused by poorly installed plumbing. After running several dehumidifiers for two weeks, we repaired and redecorated the bathroom, the study, the kitchen and dining room, the stairwell, hallway and downstairs toilet.


  • Removed wall tiles and repaired faulty plumbing
  • Took up all the floor tiles to repair water-damaged floor underneath
  • Re-laid and re-grouted all the original tiles
  • Moved and resealed bath, including plumbing
  • Redecorated room

Kitchen & Dining room:

  • This room was where the worst water damage was, so we began by running a dehumidifier
  • Took up, removed and replaced all of the water-damaged laminate flooring strips
  • Removed all the water-damaged skirting boards
  • Redecorated room

Corridor / Hallway / Stairwell:

  • Ceiling under the bathroom and walls repaired for water damage and cracks
  • Stairwell wall and stairs repaired and reinforced
  • Removed water-damaged doors and installed new, contemporary-style doors
  • Water-damaged laminate flooring and skirting boards taken up and replaced
  • All  downstairs walls redecorated


  • Repaired the hole in the wall created by the emergency plumber and repaired plumbing
  • Removed water-damaged flooring and skirting boards
  • We discovered the flooring was uneven under the floor tiles, so levelled it with a self-levelling compound
  • Fitted a new door and redecorated room

Downstairs toilet:

  • Redecorated to an extremely high standard