Garage Conversions

Our team at 1st Builders Cambridge are experts at converting garages – cold, damp, under-utilised spaces – into warm, habitable parts of the house, while at the same time significantly increasing the value of the property.

1st Builders Cambridge have converted garages into┬ánew living rooms, created large contemporary kitchens (including new plumbing), home cinemas, childrens’ playrooms, guest bedrooms with and without en suite facilities and new home offices. We can also provide part-conversions, where the rear of a garage is converted into a new bathroom, and the rest of the garage is left for storing machinery, such as lawnmowers or tools. 1st Builders Cambridge can efficiently insulate garage conversions, install underfloor heating and, if needed, lay new foundations.

1st Builders Cambridge entirely oversee each project from start to finish, while creating minimal disruption to the rest of your home. Garage conversions rarely alter the appearance of the house, so planning permission is usually not needed. However, if it is needed, 1st Builders Cambridge are happy to apply to your local authorities for it on your behalf. We can match exterior brickwork perfectly, so when your conversions is finished will look as though it has always been there.

Have a look at some of our recent garage conversions below and feel free to contact us for a free quotation. 1st Builders Cambridge will be glad to assist you in planning and building your garage conversion.




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