Garage To Flat Conversion


1st Builders Cambridge were asked to convert a partially built garage into a habitable dwelling.
We began by bricking up the garage gate opening and installing a new door and double glazed window. An internal stud wall was build and we installed 125mm Kingspan insulation along every wall, as well as the apex roof, which included the installation of new Velux windows. The insulation was then boarded over, ready to be plastered.
The floor was laid with new engineered wood flooring and a small kitchen was built and plumbed in. The entire dwelling was rewired and a ‘pay-as-you-go’ electricity¬†meter was fitted. A new bathroom was built and plumbed in with a new Power Shower cubicle, basin and toilet and the entire
A new bathroom was also built and plumbed in, with a new Power Shower cubicle, basin and toilet before the entire property’s walls and ceilings were plastered and painted.